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“They say in every library there is a single book that can answer the question that burns like a fire in the mind.” (Lemony Snicket)

I have a list of some of the questions that Dr. Google has been asked recently. These have been taken from a much longer list and directly relate to conversations I have had with writers over the past month or so.

Each writer has not only experienced these circumstances themselves but now has the expertise and experience to help other people going through this.

In six months, their book could be appearing as the answer to the question. Their book will show that they can help, they have a personal story to share and they have tried and tested tools to help someone else get through this.

  • How Do I Deal With Depression Without Medication?
  • How Do I Cope Without My Mum?
  • How Do I Deal With Toddler Tantrums?
  • How Do I Cope With My Son Going To Prison?
  • How Do I Cope With Terminal Cancer?
  • Why Can’t I Improve My Life?

It makes me sad that people are turning to a computer at these times in their life, but if they could find a book, written by someone who speaks their language, who relates to what they’re going through and who can tell them that they’re not alone, they will have a message of hope as they turn the pages.

I was chatting with a friend this week who is recovering from cancer and she turned to Dr. Google when she received her initial diagnosis. She couldn’t find any information on the specific treatment she would be receiving apart from medical guidance. Under instruction (from me!) she took a notebook with her to all of the appointments, when she went into the hospital for her operations and when she was undergoing chemotherapy.

She has just finished the first draft of her book and has received the first round of feedback from people she met along the way, both patients and medical staff. The resounding feedback is ‘I wish I’d had this when I was first diagnosed.’ The medical staff has promised to recommend it to their patients. We can safely say that it’s a niche market that she is writing for but for every single reader, it will be ‘raw, real, authentic and surprisingly funny’ as one fellow survivor has written.

If you can change the world for just one person, your book is a success.