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Sitting down to write is not an easy thing to do. There’s usually quite a serious amount of procrastination that needs to take place before the first word appears. At least one cup of tea needs to go cold, another one made and then an internal debate about whether or not a biscuit is deserved at this early stage. The answer to that is always, ‘yes’.


I experienced this myself today. I had a deadline for a book I’m working on and not only did I need to write the words, I wanted to write the words. The more they matter, the harder it becomes.

Writing a personal story is never easy. Writing anything that’s based on personal experience brings with it a wave of emotions and that rush of chemicals through the body is not conducive to sitting still and typing.

This is my solution.

First of all, you’ll have your plan for the part of your book you’re focusing on for the day – or the chunk of time within the day that you have set aside. At least, if you’re working with me you’ll have your plan!

Then, you need to shut your computer down.

This stage is important!

I bet that as soon as you shut your computer down, you have the urge to write. It’s not time to power up yet. Patience, my friend.

You need a blank piece of paper and a pen. If you would like a selection of pens, that’s fine too!

Now, you’re going to experience a Gratitude Flood.

Write down every single thing that you are grateful for. Everything. Absolutely Everything.

This is part of your story and it’s getting you in the zone. Whether any of it features in the book doesn’t matter one bit, you’re making your story count by this exercise alone.


Keep going, you’re not done yet.


How do you feel now? Pretty damn good, I imagine?

You have burst the writing bubble, you are pumped full of happy-juice and you are in your flow. Now, you can power up, go through your notes and start the next stage of your book.



If the planning stage isn’t going the way you’d imagined, there’s still time to sign up for my six-month programme. You can reply to this email if you’d like to book in a time to talk about whether it’s the right programme for you.