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A book proposal is often thought of as the key to landing an awesome publisher.

While that’s certainly one reason to spend time working on it, another reason is that it gives you the perfect framework to test your idea. Going through the process prompts you to consider the different aspects of you book; the audience, the competition, the potential formats and as you ponder, you’ll determine whether you really do have the motivation and desire to write this book.

As you’re using your own experience and your story, this process formalises the ideas. It takes the emotion out of it and allows you to consider the book’s potential in a new way.

You might find that in exploring your ideas in this way, the book changes, becomes more than one book or has a revised focus. That’s ok. There are numerous ways you can share your story and your message with the world and this is just one way to kick-start your thinking.

Once you have refined your ideas, there’s nothing to stop you writing and then pitching your ideas to agents and publishers.

Having a framework to follow might be useful, right? Well, look no further. It’s just a click away.