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MSC Publishing is at your service! You absolutely don’t have to publish through MSC Publishing if you’re working with us, you can take your book and approach agents, publishers or self-publish. It’s simply an option that’s open to you. Likewise, you don’t have to work with us in order to publish with us, although your book will need to go through an approval process.

MSC Publishing works to publish books in partnership with inspirational individuals, social enterprises, charities and businesses. It’s here to offer a means through which you can have a published book while remaining in control of the process.

You can have control over every aspect of publishing with MSC or we can help with different elements, it’s totally up to you. We want to offer an alternative to the traditional publishing route, without losing the professionalism of having a published book. We believe that we strike that balance, remembering that the core mission is to make your story count.

You know you’re ready to make your story count.


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