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‘2019 will be the year I write my business book!’

You said that a lot towards the end of 2018 and in the first couple of weeks of 2019, didn’t you?

Then, life took over, didn’t it?

‘I just need to finish this thing and then I’ll start.’

‘I have the idea; I’m just not sure where to start.’

‘I know I can do it, it’s finding the time that’s the problem.’

‘I did mean to… but… this thing happened and I didn’t.’

With those excuses (sorry, reasons), comes a new level of frustration as your competitors are sharing their stories, their wisdom and their expertise with your potential clients and reaping the benefits. People less qualified and less experienced start shouting from the rooftops that they have a book coming out, that’s always annoying, isn’t it?

2017 was going to be ‘the year.’ 2018 was going to be ‘the year.’ Now, it’s 2019 and if you don’t crack on before you know it, 2020 will be ‘the year’ and we both know what happens next!

‘Will It Be Worth The Effort?’

I might be a little biased, but it’s a resounding ‘YES’ from me! Books have the power to change the life of your reader. Whether you’re inspiring them with the story of your business journey, you’re imparting the knowledge you have accrued from years working in your field or you have a step-by-step guide that they can follow as they’re starting out on their own journey, you will have become their ‘go to’ person for help, advice and motivation. 

Through your book, you will build a relationship with your reader. They will trust you, learn from you and they will be loyal to you as a result. In a world where we’re all starting to resent being sold to and we’re craving interaction and connection, your book will have the power to reach people in ways that you can’t do alone.

Let’s not forget that you will have a new revenue stream and the increased credibility that comes with having a successful book to add to your portfolio. You will increase your reach and your social impact immediately. Thanks to the power of the interweb, you could well be enjoying global reach this time next year.

‘I need to write the damn book’

You do, you really do!

It’s a big step, I get that. Even though you know your subject inside out, putting that expertise into a format that makes sense to your reader requires a lot of thought.

It’s a risk. Sharing the knowledge you have leaves you open to criticism. Not everyone will like what you have to say. Not everyone will agree with you. Good. If you’re facilitating discussions and offering solutions, you’re a leader. Leaders write books.

It’s a fear-inducer. Oh, it is! It’s new. You haven’t finished a book before so your brain is screaming ‘DANGER, WE DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!’ Your brain is trying to keep you safe. That’s all. There are lots of things you’ve already succeeded at, which prove that you’re no stranger to leaping, or tentatively tip-toeing, into the unknown. Visualise that finished book, hold it, smell it (there’s nothing like the smell of a new book. I know it’s not just me; you’ve sniffed a book, haven’t you? Seriously, it’s not just me, is it?) and your brain will send excited book-writing chemicals flying around your body to ensure you’re ready to add ‘author’ to your bio.

To pacify your fear-inducer, let’s talk about what will happen.

You won’t have any excuses not to write.

We are going to enjoy eight months of structured coaching, in a small group, which will take you through every stage of writing your business book. This includes:

  • Establishing who your reader is, who are you writing for?
  • The business message you’re sharing and how to reach your reader.
  • Who is telling your story? You, your clients, your experts… a combination of all three?
  • Research that will tell you what your reader needs and how your book can offer something different.
  • Collecting, collating and structuring your ideas.
  • Creating chapters and your word count options.
  • Writing, troubleshooting, support and…
  • … expert advice from a team of people who will show you how to succeed, regardless of the fact that ‘life’ will happen along the way.

You will be holding the finished draft of your book by Christmas.

Only my draft? Yes! That final(ish) draft will have been tweaked, reviewed and tweaked some more by Christmas so by that stage you will be more than ready to pitch to publishers, to hand it over to an editor so that you can self-publish, or to a company who’ll edit and publish it for you.

‘How do I know if I should publish or self-publish?’ You don’t yet, and that’s ok. Without a book, it’s not really a question you need to worry about! That decision is all part of the process, so we’ll either work on a book proposal or think about cover designs and which print options to go with. Seriously though, you need your words in order before you lose any sleep over this.

‘Where am I supposed to find an editor?’ I have a growing team of editors that I will introduce you to and if you already have someone in mind, you can recruit them to start working on your book on the 11 December.

‘Yeah, but Christmas is a long way away! I want my book to be finished as soon as possible.’ It is a long way away, I suppose. We’re already well into 2019 and despite those early whispers of ‘this will be the year I finally write the damn book,’ how far have you got with it? 

‘Ok, I haven’t got very far by myself, when can I start?’

We’re kicking off on Wednesday 15 May and running until Wednesday 11 December, with a short, planned break in September. We will have calls every two weeks and every stage has been planned to perfection. All you have to do is follow the steps.

On Wednesday 15 May, we will begin. I know that there’s always a discussion about whether to run calls in the daytime or in the evening, which one works for the majority of people and blah, blah, blah! To make it as easy as possible, I’m going to do both. For every call, I will run one in the morning and repeat it in the evening, so you can join either, or both. If you join in the morning and by mid-afternoon, have a long list of questions, then you can join us in the evening and I’ll be on hand to answer your questions. It’s a win-win!

Each call will be on Zoom, so we will be able to see each other, or not if you’d prefer to turn your video off. You will have email access to me throughout the eight months and there will be a ‘hub’ of information so you will have access to the notes, guidance, call recordings and expert calls throughout our time together.

You will also have one 121, hour-long, call with me, which you can take at any stage of the process. You can upgrade to have more calls if you feel that the additional support and accountability would be beneficial to you.

‘You mentioned a group, who are these people?!’

There will be a small group of people, all working towards the same goal. I have been lucky enough to be part of a group programme and the energy, accountability, structure and support has transformed the work I’m doing.

By talking through our ideas and questions on the calls, we’ll be able to support each other and offer our collective wisdom in developing our books. You will also have email support and the option of 121 calls if you need anything that’s specific to your book that you’d like to discuss outside of the calls.

‘That’s all well and good, but what if they steal my idea?’

It’s a fine question. I know it’s a concern, when we share our creative ideas, that someone will ‘borrow’ them and claim them as their own. I was talking with someone recently who said to me that she never worries about anyone ‘borrowing’ her ideas because (a) most people can’t be bothered to write their own books, never mind yours and (b) nobody will ever write what she can write, because nobody else can share her message in the way she does.

It’s true. Every writer I have worked with has been so passionate about their message that they are only focused on how to make it count for their reader. Trust me, the other people in the group will only be interested in seeing you succeed, they’ll be too busy writing their own books to worry about anything else.

‘What about the experts, who are they?’

I know that despite most of the excuses that are offered for not writing that book of yours are based around not having the time, the real reason usually runs much deeper.

Fear lies at the heart of inaction. You want to write a book, you have the knowledge and expertise to write a book, you have something valuable to share, yet, there’s no book.

We will have guest experts talking about:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Building confidence
  • Ditching the pre-writing procrastination habits
  • Self-worth, after all, who are you NOT to write a book
  • Spellin, grammer and punktuatchon, innit! We should really start the way we mean to go on!

It takes a village to raise a book baby. I know that while I can talk to you all day about how to write this book of yours and share your message with the world, I’m not the best person to talk with you about overcoming the fear of doing just that. My editor will also tell you that I’m not someone who gets too animated about a misplaced comma. So, I am bringing in people who have much more empathy and expertise in these areas. Only the very best will do for your book writing adventure.   



Rapid Transformational Therapist & Mindset Coach

If you have any doubts about your ability to write, about whether you will finish your book or if you have a pattern of starting to write and not finishing your book, Glyniss can help you. She has transformed my thinking beyond recognition!



Wellness Coach

Ellie will share ways in which we can turn our writing journey into an adventure. If we’re not looking after ourselves, in every sense of the word, we won’t have the clarity, energy and direction that we need to write. She will also save us from neck, back and bum ache, keeping us physically able to write at our desks.



Mindset Coach & EFT Practitioner

Marie will help us to banish negativity, self-doubt & self-sabotage when it comes to writing, and any other aspect of life that is getting in the way of our creativity.



Confidence Coach

Without the confidence to write, our words will never be read by the many, many people who need to read them. Rebecca will help us to ensure we keep our confidence levels high, through the early stages, the drafts and the dreaded edits!

‘That all sounds great, but who are you to tell me about all things book writing?’

If we haven’t already had the pleasure of chatting, I’m Marie Yates, author of the Dani Moore Trilogy, a published teen fiction trilogy. The first book, Reggie & Me, reached the final of The People’s Book Prize.

I have written more books since then, under my own name, with a co-author, and on behalf of other people. I have written fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, young adult fiction and I have ghost-written business books and other people’s personal stories. I have helped over 200 writers to write their own book and share their story. Some have self-published, some are published and all have created a legacy to be proud of. My teen fiction trilogy inspired a social enterprise, so I know first-hand just how important books can be, both in creating social impact and in the success of a business.

In my previous life, when I had a ‘proper job’ I worked in various guises of project management. Some projects were more exciting than others but now, I have finally found a use for that Prince2 training. Oh yes, your eight-month book writing project plan is a sight to behold!

‘What sort of book could be created as part of this programme, I want mine to be different, to offer something special.’

It will be different because it’s yours! Only you can share the message that you know your reader needs. These are some of the themes of the business books I have worked on in the last couple of years:

  • A personal development coach shared with her readers how to take control of their lives, understand the science of fear and make tangible changes.
  • A surgeon shared his story of climbing the ranks in his chosen field, offering advice and guidance to other professionals about what achievement really looks like, how to avoid burnout and how to prioritise mental wellbeing while striving for success.
  • A business coach shared her step-by-step guide to starting a business, ensuring that the reader had tangible actions to take at each step.
  • A social entrepreneur told her story, sharing the inspiration behind her business and how her reader can make a significant impact on environmental change through learning from her work.
  • Another social entrepreneur brought together a group of his clients, who each contributed a chapter to his book, sharing their own journeys of working with him and tips for the reader about how they can turn their lives around.

“Before we worked together I felt like I had millions of ideas dying to come out of me and onto the page. I was about to start work on my book after reading a lot of inspirational stuff online which made it seem really easy. I was a little worried about the time investment but looking back now I am SO glad we are working together. You have gently guided me through the process, with much tea and humour.  I’ve learned to step back and really think about who I’m writing for, what they need and what my structure will be. Without your help, I would have randomly tried to start writing from page one with no plan and suspect it would have turned out to be a fairly random assortment of words that lacked direction and purpose. So, overall you have saved me hours I am sure, not to mention the emotional saving of not having to rewrite work that I’d put so much effort into. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Keri Williams

Option One:

  • Make Your Business Story Count; The Group Programme, as detailed above… with…

  • A one-hour, 121 call, to be taken any time before 11th December 2019

  • **EARLY BIRD** £250/month for eight months

  • **From April 30 2019** £325/month for eight months

Option Two:

  • Make Your Business Story Count; The Group Programme… with…

  • A one-hour, 121 call each month to focus purely on developing your book

  • **EARLY BIRD** £325/month for eight months.

  • **From April 30 2019** £400/month for eight months.