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Your Story In Your Hands

Are you:

  • Thinking about your book, your story, yet not putting pen to paper – or finger to laptop?!
  • Stuck with where to start with your book, so not getting started at all?
  • Wondering if it’s possible to actually do this, to get your story out into the world?
  • Overwhelmed by the options in the ever-expanding world of writing and overthinking the process?
  • In need of an experienced writer, mentor and coach to not only get you started but unlock the door of your writing blocks and help you share your story?

I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.


(Brené Brown)

I can help.

I’ve been there. I’ve bought the perfect new notebook and the new pen. They have been left untouched as I decide that I should probably use the laptop. I have stared at a blank word document for so long I could still see it when I closed my eyes. I have dreamt of holding my finished manuscript in my hands, of my story being a legacy, a small offering to the world, a message of hope.

I just didn’t know where to start, how to start or whether or not I should even start at all. This went on for years, yet if anyone asked me what I would love to do, I would always reply, ‘I want to write a book’.

That dream doesn’t go away, does it?

I want to help you to get this book written, now.

The fears start to loom large in our minds. Before we have typed the first words, we worry that it will be rejected by agents and publishers. We worry that we don’t know how to find agents and publishers, we certainly don’t know how to self-publish. What if we get a one-star review on Amazon?

I hate to break it to you, but you really don’t have to worry about those things. You need your book before you can start worrying about those things. Without it, I can guarantee you won’t need to worry about rejection. I can also guarantee that the desire to write your story will build, become a distraction and be the thing you’ll do ‘one day’. Do you want to look back and say ‘I wish I had…?’

I’m Marie Yates, author of the Dani Moore Trilogy, co-author of The Power Of The Human Canine-Bond; Turning Your Business Into A Passion and creator of My Story Counts. I work with people who have a story to share. Together we connect with your reader, structure your story and you see your book unfolding before your eyes. It’s an easy to follow, empowering process as this should be fun, shouldn’t it? Your book is your legacy and you will make a difference through sharing your story. You have complete control over what goes into your book, I am simply going to be your motivator, your guide and occasionally, your arse kicker as I believe your words need to be out in the world.

Before we worked together I felt like I had millions of ideas dying to come out of me and onto the page. I was about to start work on my book after reading a lot of inspirational stuff online which made it seem really easy, then you came into my life with a book coaching programme. A little part of me knew this was the right solution – after all, I’ve only blogged and have no experience of books or the publishing world. I was a little worried about the time investment but looking back now I am SO glad we are working together. You have gently guided me through the process, with much tea and humour.  I’ve learned to step back and really think about who I’m writing for, what they need and what my structure will be. Without your help, I would have randomly tried to start writing from page 1 with no plan and suspect it would have turned out to be a fairly random assortment of words that lacked direction and purpose. So, overall you have saved me hours I am sure, not to mention the emotional saving of not having to rewrite work that I’d put so much effort into. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Keri Williams

Writing a book is a journey into the unknown and as with any journey, there will be beautiful moments of self-discovery and there will be the moments where you get hideously lost, shout at the screen and proclaim this was a stupid idea in the first place.

It’s all part of the fun and don’t worry, I’ve got this!

Your Story In Your Hands

The Programme Includes:

  • Month One: Three structured calls to explore the book’s message, research, planning and structure
  • Month Two: Two structured calls and weekly email accountability as you write
  • Month Three: Two structured calls and weekly email accountability as you write
  • Month Four: Two structured calls and weekly email accountability as you write… and it’s time to start asking for reviews and endorsements
  • Month Five: With a completed draft, your attention will turn to the cover and/or your book proposal while your manuscript is professionally edited
  • Month Six: With a finished, fully edited manuscript in your hands, the print run beckons. Or, the ‘send’ button as you approach agents and publishers.


If the thought of getting everything done and dusted in six months is overwhelming, fear not. If you don’t like the idea of deadlines being set and you prefer a more relaxed and creative approach, we can absolutely do that. I know that for some writers, the pressure of deadlines can dampen the creative spirit. Writing a book doesn’t have to be about deadlines or writing as quickly as possible. It’s a process, something to enjoy, something to escape into and something to savour. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then we follow the same format but we take it at your pace and work around your existing commitments.

I want to help you to be excited about the difference you will make by sharing your story.

That excitement can easily be turned into writing action and we can work through those initial barriers and get that book started. Once you have decided upon the format, the structure and the genre you will use to share your story, you’ll be running out of reasons not to write.

That’s where this programme differs from the usual pattern of coaching. I have lost count of the incredible people I have sought advice from, workshops I have attended and coaches I have been motivated by. I have walked away thinking ‘I’m doing this, I am going to write my book.’ Then, I sit at my desk, I open my laptop, and I can’t write.

I’m a huge fan of seeking inspiration, of coaching and of overcoming barriers. It’s just that for most of us, the reality of writing a book doesn’t involve escaping to a secluded island with hours of free time to contemplate the wonders of life. It involves sitting at home, being able to deal with the internal and external distractions, prioritising the time we have set aside to write and getting those words written. Living the dream is not always glamorous!

I have a tried and tested method of not only getting started but working through those blocks that come up each time we start writing. This is especially important to acknowledge when we are writing stories that are based on personal experience. There’s a process, it isn’t a one-off, it isn’t something we break through at the start of the first chapter and never face again, it’s something we face time and time again. It’s not pretty, but it is worth it.

It’s my mission to change the way we see writing and publishing. It is only through sharing our stories, speaking up and telling our truth that we can help others. Reclaiming the power of our experience makes our stories count.

  • Six months; combining a structured coaching, writing and accountability process.

  • We’re using Skype, so you’re at home, in the environment you need to get used to writing in.

  • Your book will be professionally edited, by someone new to your work and with an eye for detail.


If you want to write a book, you have to do just that; WRITE A BOOK!

Remember that at every stage of this process, you have control over what goes into your book. We’ll be talking about this in our calls. This is a part of you that’s going to be out in the world and you will be proud to hold your finished book in your hands. You only have to share what you’re comfortable sharing. If other people are involved in your story or you’re worried about a wider impact, we’ll discuss the options, the ways in which we can ensure you’re comfortable with the story and how to overcome some of the natural fears about sharing your truth.

The only way to eradicate the fear of writing your book is to take action and WRITE YOUR BOOK.

Now, let’s do this.

There are a couple of questions to answer and then we’ll arrange a time that works for you. I can work around the best time for you, as we’re working to ensure you can start the way you mean to go on.

I can’t wait to work with you and help you make your story count.