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Working with charities, I have learned that some of the key challenges being faced at the moment are funding, demonstrating impact, funding, resources, funding, sustainability and well, funding.

How could a book help you?

You will have a means of making money through sales, money that would be sent directly to your charity’s bank account.

You have a unique skill set and judging by the volume of people who need your services, you will have another means through which you can support people. If they can’t access you directly, you will have something else to offer them.

In sharing these words, you will be raising awareness about the vital work you do.

Think for a moment about some of the people you have supported. How incredible are their stories? Would any of these people be willing to share their stories? This can be anonymously, of course.

There are numerous ways that you can benefit from a book with your charity’s name on it. I can help you make this a reality in a way that works for you and the clients you exist to support.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t like writing? Don’t have time? That’s what I’m here for!