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I Don’t Have Time To Write My Book

I Don’t Have Time To Write My Book

I hear you! It’s self-indulgent, isn’t it? Taking time out to write your story and share your experiences is not a good use of your time. After all, who would want to read it anyway?


Sound familiar?

Well, as I know you don’t have much time and I’m grateful you clicked to read this, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

If you met someone today, saw that they were in pain, struggling and in need of a friend, would you spend time with them? Of course, you would. You would empathise, you would share that you can relate to how they’re feeling, that you have had tough days too and that things really do get better. That time would benefit you both. Sharing experiences is cathartic, you feel good for helping, rightly so. You have allowed someone to be heard, to be understood and to feel less alone. There’s no greater gift.

With your book, you get to do this day in, day out. Your words, your energy, your understanding is with your reader at the exact moment they need you. Only you can share your story in the way they need to hear it.

Tell me again how that’s self-indulgent? It really isn’t, is it? Your story counts in a way you never knew possible. Your message is wasted if it isn’t shared so I can’t think of a better use of your time than to share it.