121 Book Coaching – Unlimited


Are you ready to get that book finished? I know that you’re bursting with ideas, ready to write and excited about the lives you will change through sharing your message.

As you’ve already found out, writing a book isn’t a magical, exclusive process, open only to those who have hours to spare, a collection of long, fancy words and country retreats to escape to. It’s just something that takes time and effort, like anything in life that matters, right?

I know that you have started this process because you genuinely want to share your book with the world. You’ve done the most difficult part. It’s the research, the planning and the initial decision making that takes the time. Once you’ve nailed that part, you’re flying. Right?

Writing a book is a journey into the unknown and as with any journey, there will be beautiful moments of self-discovery and there will be the moments where you get hideously lost, shout at the screen and proclaim this was a stupid idea in the first place.

It’s all part of the fun and don’t worry, I’ve got this!

Would you like to be supported through the rest of this process?

I have a 121 Unlimited Programme for writers who are starting from scratch with me. It’s for writers who don’t want the pressure of a 6-month deadline but want support throughout each stage of their book writing process. It’s a structured programme that includes the editor. It’s a £997 deposit and then £150/month until the edited manuscript is back. I go into quite a scary ‘project manager’ persona for the six-month programme, if that sounds like something you need, we can happily talk about it.


I would like to offer you an unlimited programme, for £75/month. The only difference is that the editor won’t be included in that price… but… she will offer you a full edit for £500 and you don’t have to pay that until you’re ready to send the manuscript to her. You don’t have to use my editor, you can work with me until you’re ready to send the manuscript to an editor of your choice and that’s totally cool and groovy too. As you know though, as far as I’m concerned, working with an editor is non-negotiable!

For £75/month, we’ll have one, one hour call every month, I’ll take you through the programme from where you are NOW – you don’t have to have your structure nailed and be ready to write – and you will have unlimited email support until you have finished your book.

So, that’s

  • No deposit
  • Unlimited email access
  • One hour a month to focus on your progress, the next steps and to ensure you’re on track
  • A structured, tried & tested, programme. Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction and whether you’re aiming to pitch to agents/publishers or self-publish, the process works.
  • And a full edit for £500 if you choose to take that option

We work at your pace and you set your own deadlines, but you will have accountability, feedback, coaching and someone who has complete faith that you can and will do this.

There’s also no minimum time that you have to sign up for. It’s supposed to be fun so let’s take the pressure off and if you nail it in a month or two, that’s all cool!

If you’d like to sign up, just hit subscribe, you have until the 1st January. That’s not because it’s a fancy sales pitch, it’s just because I need to know how many people I’m working with so I can plan my time! .

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Whatever you do, please make sure you write your book! Marie x