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121 Book Coaching – Unlimited


You are READY to start your book adventure and I can’t wait to join you. I know that you’re bursting with ideas, ready to write and excited about the lives you will change through sharing your message.

As you know, writing a book isn’t a magical, exclusive process, open only to those who have hours to spare, a collection of long, fancy words and country retreats to escape to. It’s just something that takes time and effort, like anything in life that matters, right?

I know that you have started this process because you genuinely want to share your book with the world. You’ve done the most difficult part. You’ve made the commitment.

Writing a book is a journey into the unknown and as with any journey, there will be beautiful moments of self-discovery and there will be the moments where you get hideously lost, shout at the screen and proclaim this was a stupid idea in the first place.

It’s all part of the fun and don’t worry, I’ve got this!