You have an incredible story that will change the world for the better.

Your story counts!


People think writing a book is a magical thing. It’s not. It’s just words!

So what’s stopping you?

Is it not knowing where to start? I’ll coach you

Is it fear of visibility? I’ll show you how to publish anonymously

Is it fear of writing? I’ll ghostwrite it for you

Is it fear of finding a publisher? I am a publisher!

There’s no reason you can’t write your story or publish your book.

If you have the urge to tell your story, that’s because someone out there needs to read it.

I can absolutely guarantee we will get your story out there in a way that helps others.

And if it helps one person, then that’s hit my measure of a successful book.


What message would you like to share with the world? A message based on your experience; your story. A message of hope? Inspiring others by overcoming adversity? An incredible experience with a burst of positivity? The world needs to read your words.

By definition, you have a social or environmental mission at the heart of your enterprise. What better way to share that mission and increase your social impact by making it accessible in book form? Combine your commercial and impact goals in one book.

Every charity has a story to tell, no doubt there are multiple stories. Increase your reach, your message and your influence by offering a book to further support the clients who need to hear your message. You can raise much needed funds at the same time.

Complement your business, increase your credibility and proudly list ‘author’ alongside your existing credentials. Become a sought-after expert in your field and increase your media exposure by sharing your business expertise in book form.